Planning, planning, planning…



A bit of a bad ten days on the exercise front, as I’ve been suffering from my second viral cold-like illness of the base season.

I thought of training through said illness but, I have had a temperature and my base heart rate has been up by about 20bpm so I thought…what the heck just take it easy.

I’m not overly worried. I still have 25 weeks until Ironman Copenhagen and that’s still more time than I had preparing for Ironman Lanzarote last year.

So instead of sulking into my coffee this morning, whilst the rest of the triathlon club did a long ride, I sat with my Training Peaks account and planned the first twelve weeks of my Ironman training plan. It looks good! It looks… hopefully do-able.

It’s based on Paul Huddle’s 24 week plan called Start-Finish which is a different plan from what I used last year.

I still haven’t broken into the bank vaults and hired a coach yet for a few reasons.

  1.  It’s expensive and I already spend way too much money on this hobby,
  2. I like making and following my own plan (even though most of the time I try use someone else’s creation and develop it for myself.)
  3. I would really need to trust the person who takes the role of ‘coach’ and i don’t know that person yet (perhaps I have trusting issues.)
  4. Part of the fun of triathlon is experimenting on oneself and gaining self-knowledge should I ever live the dream of becoming a coach myself. I don’t want to turn off my brain and let someone else do the thinking when it comes to training because that’s a big part of my learning.

Sound fair?

I’m no professional triathlete I’m doing this for the love of the game and of endurance sport.

Onwards and upwards!

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